Barebow Break-in

By Mark V. Lonsdale

With the sun shining, today was the first day to get some arrows down range with the new Hoyt Xceed barebow. Still breaking in the string and getting a feel for the weight and balance, but initial results are encouraging.

Hoyt Xceed with Carbon Velos limbs running Easton 2213s
Working with an assortment of Easton 2213s with 125 and 145 grain field points. Also experimenting with the cock feather at 9 o’clock and 12 o’clock.

I have Easton RX-7 RX23 tappered shafts on order, which should be in next week. These are the ones I would like to ultimately use for competitions, but for now, the 2213s are definitely working well.

Hoyt Xceed 25″ riser with Carbon Velos long limbs


Author: Mark V

Dedicated shooter, seeker, traveler, teacher, trainer, educator

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