BtB 3D Open, NFAA Nationals

A few 3D archery images by Mark V. Lonsdale

BtB 3D Open — well attended and well run. Major shout out to the organizers and volunteers
BtB NFAA 3D Open and the spectacular terrain of Friant, CA. Rocky Chisholm scoring 3D targets from McKenzie Delta
Divisions for Longbow, Barebow, Compound, Bowhunters, Freestyle
This lady shot a lot of 12s on this course
Rocky Chisholm and Sandy McCain scoring 3D wolf
BtB 3D Open with standing bear from McKenzie Delta targets
McKenzie Delta 3D bighorn sheep
The Goblin
The Dragon
BtB NFAA 3D Open — big elk
Thanks to the BtB organizers, staff and volunteers. Looking forward to 2021


Author: Mark V

Dedicated shooter, seeker, traveler, teacher, trainer, educator

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