2021 Vegas Shoot

By Mark V. Lonsdale

Even though the turnout was less than 300 competitors, the 2021 Vegas Shoot was still a success under difficult conditions and Covid restrictions. Yes, we all hated wearing masks. But it was actually a pleasure to not have to deal with the 3,000+ crowds and the only times that the practice range was full was one hour before shooting times.

Barebow legends Spanky Brooks (left) and Tim Strickland (right) getting in some time on the practice range. Notice that Tim is shooting a compound barebow since the Vegas Shoot Championship Barebow Open combined recurve barebow and compound barebow together.

Spending time on the practice range was essential since the overhead indoor lighting definitely affects aiming and impact. Arrow point of impact also changes with the intensity and location of the overhead lighting depending on where an archer stood on the line. From personal experience, where the light was bright, my arrow hit 2″-3″ high, and where it was subdued, 2″-3″ low. This is probably due to the glare coming off the shiny silver arrow points and aluminum shaft. The lighting also causes the string blur to all but disappear compared to outdoor shooting. But since the practice range was open from 0730 to 1900 I was able to practice four or five times a day, averaging 160 arrows per day.

One the the great things about barebow division is just how friendly and helpful all the competitors are. Barebow has a justly earned reputation as being the most social division with a strong sense of comradery. But all are still very dedicated archers and serious competitors.

Had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Spanky Brooks who was willing to share several tips on barebow equipment and shooting.

For detailed media coverage, go to http://bowjunky.com/


Author: Mark V

Dedicated shooter, seeker, traveler, teacher, trainer, educator

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