Concentration in Archery

Mark V. Lonsdale

When you have attained a good grasp of correct form and shot process in archery, focus & concentration become critical. The 50 meter Barebow target below is a good example of where a momentary lapse in concentration resulted in lost points. We jokingly call it “the arrow that hates you” but in reality, it is the archer and not the arrow at fault.

At 50 meters, a score of 54 equates to a 9 average, which is good in any outdoor archer’s book. But a small lapse in concentration threw the 7 high right.
Barebow backyard practice. Bow is a Hoyt Exceed with Velos limbs.

Concentration is like a muscle in that it must be flexed, practiced and exercised regularly. At the beginning, telling yourself to concentrate is a useful conscious thought process, but with time and practice an archer will automatically click into the zone as he or she steps up to the line.


Author: Mark V

Dedicated shooter, seeker, traveler, teacher, trainer, educator

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