The Importance of Grouping in Barebow Archery

By Mark V. Lonsdale

Just to differentiate between precision and accuracy, precision is the ability to shoot good groups, while accuracy is the ability to get that group into the middle of the target.

So when a barebow archer shoots a good group, but not in the yellow, he or she should not be disappointed. A good group shows that the archer is doing everything correctly, but simply need to adjust his or her point of aim.

First group of the barebow morning training session at 50 meters, but up in the 7 and 8 rings. This is not uncommon when your muscles are fresh and you are shooting strong. The point of aim was the X so it is just a matter of shifting the point of aim to 6 o’clock on the 9 ring.
Adjusted point of aim at 50 meters and the group has moved down into the 9s and 10s.

With the examples above, and as the muscles begin to find their groove, the point of aim will return to the X. This usually happens in the first three or four ends of 6 arrows. It’s also not unusual that by the end of a demanding training session of 100+ arrows, or late in the day after three training sessions and 240+ arrows, that you will find you have to aim a little higher to compensate for muscle fatigue. But as long as the groups are good, then you are on the right track with a good, repeatable shot process.


Author: Mark V

Dedicated shooter, seeker, traveler, teacher, trainer, educator

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